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The Shopping Cart Trick, Part 2

Hey y’all!!! In my previous post “The Shopping Cart Trick-How to Get Approved for Credit Cards Without Having Your Credit Pulled, I talked about a method of obtaining credit which if used responsibly, can increase your credit score.  There are certain banks or lenders who allow consumers to utilize the “soft pull” method, the most prolific being Comenity Capital Bank and sometimes Synchrony and Wellls Fargo.  Certain merchants also provide “store credit cards” usually backed by Comenity to allow you to purchase merchandise or services from them.

WARNING: Store credit cards usually have very high interest rates, high late fees and, for the most positive affect on your credit, should be used sparingly and cautiously.

Below is a list of stores that I’ve seen successful reports on this trick working. The trick won’t work 100% of the time, so if you don’t see a pop-up or pre-approved offer don’t stress out, just try again in a few weeks and hope for the best.

Comenity Bank Store Credit Cards

Synchrony Bank Store Credit Cards

Wells Fargo Store Credit Cards

Most people find Victoria Secrets one of the easiest cards to get using this method; I have had a success with Pier1, Overstock and Wayfair also. If you’ve gotten the shopping cart trick to work on any other cards then please let me know by commenting below or emailing me at info@chakayarbor.com!

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