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How to stay CUTE and SAVE $1000 by just doing your own nails.

Personail Nail Polish Strips

Even though I have been on my journey to be more mindful of how I spend my money for several months now, there are certain unnecessaries that I haven’t been able to fully eliminate from my budget. I still get my regular pedicure every 2 to 3 weeks but I will not be having my nails done professionally again anytime soon. I have been wearing my natural nails for years now but I was still getting gel polish manicures, at first every 10 to 14 days, then less and less frequently. At $35 a pop, this was a very expensive self-care habit I had developed that was costing me over $1,000 a year!  To add insult to financial injury, the last time I visited a nail salon, I tried the SNS dip polish. It was a HUGE MISTAKE if you care anything about your real nails!

My nails have always grown pretty long with ease but since having the SNS polish applied and then removed, all of my nails have either broken off short or had to be cut down to stubs because they cracked on the sides so low. I still plan to go to a nail salon for my bi weekly pedis and maybe a mani for a special occasion or to treat myself but I found these nail polish stickers online a few months ago. I’ve used them 2 or 3 times before and they’re very fast and easy to apply and last almost 2 weeks if you use a good top coat like Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

I ordered my watermelon nail polish strips shown in the pictures from a company in Australia called Personail. I was very satisfied with their product as well as the presentation and time to ship to the U.S.  I paid about $50 USD for 7 or 8 packs (I can’t remember right now) of the strips which comes out to cost me less than $8 per application including the top coat.  Since then, I have seen other versions online that are made in China and cost as little as .98 cents per package.  I cannot vouch for their quality, however based on the pictures I have seen they appear to be of similar quality as the ones I ordered from Australia.  I have also heard that a company called Jamberry makes a similar product and these are usually sold through direct sales representatives.

So, if you are looking for ways to save money for vacations, to build an emergency fund or for a down payment for a house, look at the little things you throw money away on every day. I mean, I know everyone wants their nails to be cute. I will admit I am that girl who gets giddy looking at my fingertips after getting a pretty, shiny, bright colored manicure but I also get giddy looking at my savings accounts and my investment portfolio.  I still am getting my pedicures on a regular basis due to other health concerns; however, I have gone from spending over $1560 in nail shops alone per year to spending only about $500 per year on pedicures twice a month.   Sometimes I even stretch it to every 3 weeks in the winter.  If you have any money saving ideas, comment below or email me at info@chakayarbor.com so we can talk about it more!

2 thoughts on “How to stay CUTE and SAVE $1000 by just doing your own nails.

  1. I may have to check this out. I stopped doing my finger nails at all. I am like you with the pedicures.

  2. Girllll, I have eczema. On one foot at that lol. So I cannot scrimp on the pedis but I have pretty much eliminated manis because I have goals and whatnot lol. This is my 3rd application of this product and its getting easier each time. Plus they last for almost 2 weeks! Well worth the money. Check out the ones on eBay for 98 cents a pack.

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