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Day: July 7, 2017

Creative Ideas
Credit Repair
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Rebuilding Credit
Saving Money

The Shopping Cart Trick: How to Get Approved for Credit Cards Without Having Your Credit Pulled

I started working on rebuilding my own credit a few years ago when I realized how very important credit was.  After a disastrous experience in college where I, at the age of 18 with no job or other source of income, obtained 9 credit cards, one an American Express card with NO LIMIT, in a […]

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Creative Ideas
Saving Money

How to stay CUTE and SAVE $1000 by just doing your own nails.

Even though I have been on my journey to be more mindful of how I spend my money for several months now, there are certain unnecessaries that I haven’t been able to fully eliminate from my budget. I still get my regular pedicure every 2 to 3 weeks but I will not be having my […]

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